We place our bets in Mobile Deluxe's Big Win Blackjack for iOS

Apple's App Store is littered with Blackjack games and apps, but the free-to-play Big Win Blackjack from Mobile Deluxe (the folks behind Solitaire Deluxe and Big Win Slots) promises to teach players how to improve their skills with a new Professor Blackjack mode. We spent some time playing Big Win Blackjack over the weekend – head past the break for our impressions.

The first thing we noticed about the app was how easy it is to just pick up and play. Each day you open the app you're given free chips so you can get right to the table and place your bet. The hardest part of getting into a game is choosing which “Casino” you want to play at. Locations range from Las Vegas to the legendary lost city of gold, El Dorado, and different locations feature different rules. Taking a trip to Tokyo? Play at the Tokyo tables for beforehand and brush up on the game style.

“With Big Win Blackjack, we’ve created a game that will captivate the most experienced players and those playing for the first time,” said Josh Hartwell, the company’s CEO. “It teaches users everything they need to know about the game with premium graphics and fluid game play.”

Another great feature of the game are the table and card layout and appearance. The cards are easy to read and if you happen to have a new iPad packing the Retina display you'll be treated even further by Mobile Deluxe's exclusive, hi-res Easy Read cards.

The game is fun and a great way to kill some time for anyone who enjoys card games. What really sets this title apart from all of the other Blackjack apps at our finger tips on iOS are the real-world benefits that players can gain thanks to the Professor Blackjack feature. It's only available via an $8 in-app purchase (that's where they get ya!) but will teach players everything from the basic rules of the game to how to count cards. Yes, Professor Blackjack is a digital card-counting mad man and feels compelled to share his skills with anyone who wants to learn.

If you've been looking for a good Blackjack app, Big Win Blackjack is going to be hard to ignore as a free download. My only complaint is the price Mobile Deluxe is asking for added features like Professor BJ and the worldwide locations – paying $5 to play at the Tokyo tables (which are essentially just tables with a different rule set) seems like a little much. If you're ready to place your bet head over to the App Store.

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