Skyrim Mod ‘Warzones: Civil Unrest’ Rages on PCs

If there’s nothing else to say for the PC modding community, it’s that they’ll never cease to amaze when creating additions to games you never thought possible. If there’s anything else to say about PC modders, it’s that the game being modded will invariably be an Elder Scrolls entry. So far we’ve seen several upgrades to the latest of Bethesda’s massive open-world RPG, such as the additional kill animations and upcoming Kinect–enabled voice commands. But if you’re looking for a whole new take on the civil war between the Stormcloaks and Imperial Legion, then you’ll want to insta 'Warzones: Civil Unrest' right away. Details after the jump.

Spotted on Skyrim’s Facebook page and directed to Skyrim Nexus, modder ‘MyGoodEye’ promises more complex instances involving the hard fighting soldiers of either side of the conflict. From the post:

For all this in-game discussion of 'WAR', there wasn't that much 'WAR' in SKYRIM, was there? Now there is. This mod does what it says... It adds EPIC battles and skirmishes throughout SKYRIM! While exploring the SKYRIM, you will come upon battles containing many, many NPCs spanning many, many acres of in-game ground. At last count there are more than 2000 NEW, ANGRY NPCS spanning 20 STATIC WARZONES and 40 DYNAMIC WARZONES and more to come! This is a living work-in-progress. It is completely playable as of now, but will continue to grow and evolve.

Seems like this mod presents lots more to test your mettle as well as your command of the Thu’um. I really enjoyed the idea of battling for a free Skryrim. It showed a deeper, and at times, personal decision that you didn’t get in the main quest. Unfortunately, it always seemed disconnected from your character as the overall state of the game never really changed despite which faction you sided. After all the fighting was done, a leader is chosen, and then you return to fighting dragons and giants and exploring caves and that’s really it. Such is the way of games as open to player agency as The Elder Scrolls games.

If you’re still out in the frozen north and growing tired of hauling dragon bones and scales back to your house in Whiterun, perhaps dynamic battles can break up a bit of the monotony. So do you fight for a free Skyrim?

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