10 Things About the New 'Resident Evil 6' Trailer

It looks like Capcom wasn't holding back when they released the above trailer for Resident Evil 6 yesterday during their Captivate event. New characters are introduced, some familiar names pop up, and we've got more details about the story of the new outbreak than we had before as Capcom has seemingly opted to put all of their cards on the table six months out from the game's release.

So let's pick through the trailer and see what Capcom's putting out there for us this time around and maybe guess at what other new mysteries they have in store.

10. Wait, Wesker has a son?

That's the big reveal that comes about halfway through the trailer as Resident Evil 6 finally clues us in to the identity of the mysterious young man with the scar and the shaved head who we now know as Jake Muller. At some point, series heavy Albert Wesker (who met his end via volcano in RE5) produced offspring. Given that this is a Resident Evil game, of course, don't expect it to be as simple as the shades-wearing baddie wining and dining some special lady with a bundle of joy nine months later.

9. It's all about the blood

Whatever made Wesker able to adapt to the T-virus in his blood apparently runs through Jake's veins, and it looks like various factions are keen to get at it. What this also means is that Jake's got some of the old man's moves when it comes to violence, meaning maybe the new character was conceived after Wesker was infected?

8. Speaking of viruses

We're not dealing with the T- or G-Virus anymore—there's a new, more advanced C-Virus which is responsible for creating the new range of Resident Evil 6's B.O.W.'s (Bio-Organic Weapons). Who released it or where it came from remains to be seen, though.

7. The terrorist threat

Resident Evil can't quite escape post 9/11 hysteria and instead of the multiple viruses that pop up the result of corporate malfeasance, they're now deliberate acts of terror (that was essentially the whole motivating plot for the recent 3DS release Resident Evil: Revelations). Again, at this point, we don't know who was responsible for releasing the C-virus, but as with all of the series' bad guys, it's likely their stated goal isn't necessarily the one that they're actually after.

6. But that's what the BSAA is for

The U.N.-backed Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is on the case with Chris Redfield in the lead. They appear to be the first major response when the new outbreak occurs in China.

5. So what's Leon up to?

Besides feeling guilty about having to put one in the zombie President's dome, seeking the cause for the outbreak and doing that in the only logical way: faking his own death.

4. So who was the blonde with Muller?

That would be Sherry Birkin, a child of prominent Umbrella Corp scientists who made her first appearance way back in Resident Evil 2 alongside Leon and Claire, and later in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Her parents, William and Annette, were integral in the creation of the G-virus. What's her relationship to Jake?

3. Those Alien-style pods at the beginning...

"Chrysalide," a new addition to the series and one would have to assume linked to the C-virus. These things apparently grow fast and can create all sorts of new and advanced mutating horrors along the way.

2. Another look at the J'avo

One of the series' new enemy types who are more quick-witted than their zombie, and later Ganados progenitors. We learned with the release of the first trailer that these guys aren't just tough to kill, but maintain the power of speech and reason. Plus, when you attack them, they can regenerate and mutate at the injury site.

1. So who's the mysterious brunette leading them?

No idea. Or for that matter, who she's working for or what they want. But Leon wants to bring her in for questioning while Chris blames her for the outbreak and wants to put a bullet in her head.

Calling it: there's gonna be a QTE fight where you have to play one or both of these guys to duke it out for custody.

Resident Evil 6 will be available on the PS3 and 360 October 2nd with the PC version following sometime after.

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