More Concept Art From Suda51's Next, 'Killer Is Dead'

Ruins, a train, and a dude with a sword adorn the latest images from Grasshopper Manufacture's next action game.

Still early in its production, with a planned release of sometime next year for the PS3 and Xbox 360, Killer Is Dead is (tantalizingly) revealed in this latest batch of concept art from developer Grasshopper Manufacture.

Plot and gameplay details are also still very scarce at this point, but as of now we know that Killer is Dead will feature a legendary assassin known as "Executioner" who travels the world taking out "S-Level" killers. Maybe it's just the black and white presentation, but I'm getting a more elegiac, far less manic vibe here than in recent Grasshopper titles. The project's director, Suda51 has indicated that although the game will share some elements found in No More Heroes—presumably in terms of the swordplay action—Killer is Dead will have some surprises in store for gamers.

[Source: Andriasang]

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