PS Vita 1.65 Firmware Announced, Released, Pulled

Sony yanks the latest update for the Vita citing "technical fault."

When it comes to the Vita, Sony doesn't appear to taking any chances. After pulling Hot Shots and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge due to a possible homebrew exploit, yesterday Sony pulled their 1.65 update out of the wild after it was available briefly.

Besides the vague "technical fault" explanation, the reason could be something wholly innocuous like a compatibility issue with some functionality in the hardware—it's not clear. Still, here's the log of changes set to accompany the 1.65 update whenever it rolls back out as detailed by the Playstation Blog:

  • A “Notification Alert” option will be added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off
  • “After 10 minutes” will be added to the time options under Power Save Settings
  • An Arrow icon will now appear when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea
  • Caps Lock will be supported in the On Screen Keyboard

[Source: Eurogamer]

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