'Escape Plan' Getting Free DLC With Its 1.01 Update

Prequel "Bakuki’s Lair" is the first DLC from monochrome the PS Vita puzzler, accompanying its April 10th update.

The planned update will bring some modifications to the responsiveness of the game's tapping input as well as adjusting the star rating system. On top of that, the Fun Bits Interactive title will be laying the groundwork for future updates and DLC releases.

The "Bakuki’s Lair" DLC takes place before heroes Lil and Laarg are trapped at the start of Escape Plan. Here's the synopsis:

Our hapless heroes’ journey begins anew with Lil and Laarg trapped in a hazardous sausage factory, where they will become bratwurst if they don’t bail. You’ll need to swipe for your life through a handful of dastardly designed puzzles in this latest update.

The update will be available April 10th. Escape Plan is out now on PSN for $14.99.

[Source: via Playstation Blog]

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