'Super Meat Boy' To Be Super, Meaty, Remade on iOS

Super Meat Boy Bloody Chef Launch Trailer

Not satisfied to have their chunky, devious platformer entertain and frustrate in equal measures on the PC, XBLA, and Wiiware, Team Meat are taking the other SMB to IOS in what they promise won't be a "s****y" port of their award-winning game.

The announcement came over the weekend on the indie developer's blog. Designer Edmund McMillen explained that Team Meat wanted to get the game onto phones for a while, but didn't want to sacrifice the precision controls of the original. So they decided to chuck the idea of a straight port and have opted for a full-on remake instead.

The screen above represents your first look at the new game, but McMillen says Team Meat is still pretty early in the process of building it out. Reiterating that this won't be a port, McMillen explained that Super Meat Boy on iOS would not use the typically difficult-to-use virtual controls found in many touch platformers (although he didn't elaborate on what would be used instead). He also explained that the remake would include all-new art and music (and hopefully tons of new guest characters).

No word on when we can expect i-Super Meat Boy, but we'll keep an eye out for updates as they become available.

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