'The Amazing Spider-Man' Gets Box Art, Story Details, Move Support on PS3

Gaze upon the multi-platform pack shots for this summer's Amazing Spider-Man tie-in, which will serve as an epilogue to the movie.

Note that "Move Support" logo on the PS3 box art. What's that all about? Up until now, Activision and Beenox haven't said a whole lot about what kind of features will be available in Amazing Spider-Man beyond the expected open city action and web-slinging, but it looks like the PS3 will be getting some kind of motion controls involving the Move wands and the Playstation Eye camera. I'm trying to visualize what it would look like controlling Spider-Man with the wands and it's... cool? Weird? Yeah, it could probably be a mix of both.

As for details of the story, well, we know that the script will be written by Kevin Seamus Fahey (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Battlestar Galactica), and promises to tell more of Parker's "untold story." This is in line with the speculation that the movie will have some elements of Marvel's conspiracy-laden Ultimate line of comics take on the character. What additional mysteries beyond "bit by a spider, fights crime" will be worth exploring in a 8 hour or more video game remain to be seen.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be available on June 26th for the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, DS, and 3DS.

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