Here's The Multiplayer of 'Max Payne 3' In Action

Max Payne 3 Intense Multiplayer Trailer

Rockstar Games releases the first of two videos spotlighting the whole "shooting with friends" aspect of Max Payne 3. Bullet Time won't just be for the campaign, as the most famous feature associated with the series goes online.

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Hey, besides F.E.A.R., what other shooter use a Bullet Time-style effect in multiplayer? Right off the bat, I'm drawing a blank. Well, it's a weapon that'll be in your ever-expanding arsenal when Max Payne 3 hits in May.

Along with touching on how this mechanic will affect the game, Rockstar also unveils two of the multiplayer modes: "Gang Wars" which is your standard Team Deathmatch which integrate story into the whole experience, and the co-op mode "Payne Killer," a 2 v team mode where you and a partner play as Max and his partner Raul Passos, fighting against enemy teams with only your Bullet Time and painkillers to keep you alive.

Max Payne 3 will be available on May 15th for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with the PC version to follow on May 29th.

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