AMC's 'Mad Men' Gets The YouTube Adventure Game Treatment

With The Walking Dead getting two separate video game adaptations next month some of you may be wondering why AMC's other hit-show, Mad Men, hasn't received the same treatment. Well, it looks like it just has (kinda) thanks to The Fine Bros. and their YouTube adventure game skills.

You may be familiar with The Fine Bros. for the Saved by the Bell adventure game they made awhile back. It used YouTube's video linking system and a series of private, unlisted videos to create an 8-Bit, text-based game where players could finish with a multitude of endings depending on the choices they made. The same goes for their new project, which sees player take on the role of Mad Men's Don Draper.

The story for the game is pretty straightforward; It takes place at the end of season 4 and sees Draper tasked with the saving the failing company. The only way he can do this is by building up his stats –  creativity, confidence, and inner peace. The only way for Draper (you) to do that is to have conversations with various characters from the show who appear in the game.

Depending on what order you you build up Draper's stats determines which of three endings you'll make it to. Obviously, the game isn't going to be a full-featured title we'd play on our Xbox, but it is an entertaining way to catch up with the series in time for the fifth season premiere.

You can play Mad Men: The Game below or on YouTube.

Mad Men returns to AMC on Sunday, March 26th

[via In-Game]

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