National 'Kid Icarus Uprising' Champion Is Left Speechless

 Photo provided by Nintendo of America

Photo provided by Nintendo of America

Late last night, at a Gamestop on the Upper West Side of New York City, local New York gamer, Samuel Buzby, went home with the Kid Icarus: Uprising national crown. Beating out players from all over the country, Mr. Buzby claimed the top prize, and the one-of-a-kind trophy by demonstrating his Kid Icarus multiplayer skills, and besting eleven other gamers in a six-round final match.

The event capped off a three-week long tournament that took place at Gamestops across the country, including San Francisco, Orlando and Los Angeles. The winners from each of those locations were flown to New York to face off against local qualifiers, which culminated in the championship match, where Buzby took top prize.

Photo provided by Nintendo of America 

Photo provided by Nintendo of America

After being named champ, Buzby, who traveled to the city from his home in Nesconset, NY, was at a loss for words when asked about how it felt to go home a winner. "Winning, it feels amazing, I can't describe the way it feels. There's no words." The win came after only a short time playing the game, as last night was the first time he actually laid hands on it. He said that he "spent time studying the game and watching matches" so that he would have an idea about what he would be going up against.

He went on to describe the Uprising as, "chaotic, but in a way that you can understand what's going on, once you get used to it." He also stated that the controls were "very nice" and that "it's an amazing game overall."

While it was Buzby's first time playing Kid Icarus: Uprising, this was not Sam's first time adventuring with the game's main character, Pit. He said that he has played the NES original, but that he didn't get very far in it, elaborating that it was "pretty hard," a sentiment that countless gamers can sympathize with.

For taking first place in the competition, Buzby went home with the custom trophy (which Sam says he'll proudly display in his room), as well as a 3DS prize pack, including a red 3DS, and an assortment of first party games, including a copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Last night's event also served as a chance for gamers to purchase a copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising a day early, which officially hits streets today.

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