Death Is Super-Agile In This 'Darksiders II' Trailer

I bet he doesn't know Parkour, though.

THQ has released a new trailer for Darksiders 2 (obviously, otherwise my post title is a lie) showing off the game's lead's sweet new moves. War was a little more tank-like in Darksiders, so to make the two characters distinct, Vigil Games has made the second of the four horsemen a more lithe, fleet-of-foot dispenser of death.

The more that gets teased out about Darksiders II, the more it feels like a huge oversight when I was tallying up the games I was most anticipating for this year. Of course I want to play more Darksiders.

We've also got some new screens from the game for you to check out along with the new cover art up above (that's the limited edition packshot up there). The new images show off Death packing heat, transforming, going against a boss, and (if the image title is to be trusted) using a move called "Death Grip." I can get behind that.

Darksiders II hits the PC, PS3, and 360 June 26th.

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