Square Enix's Rhythmic RPG 'Theatrythm Final Fantasy' Coming This Summer

Hey you guys, it's pronounced “theater rhythm," in case you were wondering. I was.

More info on this 3DS release after the jump.

Something I didn't know until I checked my e-mail this morning: 2012 is the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. And Square Enix, along with developer indiezero, are celebrating the silver anniversary with the 3DS release of Theatrythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm RPG coming to the 3DS this summer. It's kind of a Final Fantasy jam, bringing together characters from across the many games into one big title.

And since music is kind of key to the experience, expect to hear lots of pieces from Final Fantasy titles from the past as well. Based on the description here and what we've heard in the past about this game, the overall experience is a lot of stylus-tapping missions while messing around with various FF characters. Based on the screens here, it almost looks like a mix between Elite Beat Agents and Bower's Inside Story.

Right now, the game doesn't have a concrete release date, but it does have an official site for your perusal, and it also gives you a look at the chibi-ized versions of Final Fantasy characters used in the game. Tiny, murderous Sepiroth will be just adorable.

Watch this space for more info as we learn more about this new title.

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