New Details On Multiplatform 'Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two'

A dynamic soundtrack and improved camera are a couple of the items on the agenda for the sequel to 2010's "Epic Mickey."

The Washington Post has a brief chat with GDC Lifetime Achievement Award winner Warren Spector about the sequel to his passion Disney project, Epic Mickey.

One of the key takeaways is that developer Junction Point is aware that the camera in the first game presented its own challenge for players and that they've spent the last two years working out some of the kinks "from the day we finished the first game" according to Spector. Junction Point's goal is to provide players with a camera that doesn't once require them to take manual control.

Camera fixes aside, the sequel will be returning to the dark side Disneyland, the Wasteland which has been devastated by natural disasters since the last game. Spector didn't elaborate on the story but did say that Mickey will be exploring both familiar and new locations in that world in Epic Mickey 2.

Finally, depending on how you play your mouse—either naughty or nice—the game's score will change dynamically. No word on whether this will have any impact on the gameplay or if this is primarily aesthetic.

Epic Mickey 2 will be going multiplatform, hitting the 360, PS3, and the Wii later this year.

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