The Handyman and The Boys of Silence Join the 'Bioshock Infinite' Heavy Hitters

The floating dystopia of Columbia just got a little more dangerous with the inclusion of two more enemy types. After the jump, check out the video introduction to Bioshock Infinite's new Heavy Hitters, the Boys of Silence and the Handyman.

A few weeks back, we gave you a look at the Motorized Patriot in the last Heavy Hitters video from the Irrational team. This time around, there's yet another mechanical enemy you'll be ducking attacks from: the iron-clad Handymen, who Irrational's Creative Director Ken Levine describe as tragic figures in the game's storyline. Versus the more human-scaled Patriot, the Handymen are a bit more physically imposing with a range of augmented abilities.

See for yourself:

Next up are the sonic-powered Boys of Silence, who art director Nate Wells explains were actually a pretty early addition to the game which Levine fell in love with very quickly thanks to their unique visual hook. From the video, we get a hint of a dose of stealth gameplay being introduced to Bioshock Infinite as the blind Boys of Silence use their preternaturally good hearing to track your location, leaving you with the choice to attack them head-on or attempt to sneak around them.

Bioshock Infinite is coming to the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 13th.

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