Is An 'El Shaddai' Sequel On the Way From Ignition?

A new teaser site points to... something being afoot with Ignition's angelic action game. Are we looking at a sequel in the next year?

More information—well, the scant information that we have so far—after the jump.

A link at Andriasang points to a Japanese-language site at, with the teaser image above and text that poster Anoop Gatayat says translates loosely to "Who is the ultimate angel who God speaks of?"

In the original console title, you would play as angel Enoch, granted three of God's weapons to climb a tower reaching to haven and take out the fallen angels within it that imperil the Earth. A mix of platforming, deep religious imagery, and an eye-popping visual style, El Shaddai was one of the major curiosities of last year thanks to all of the above and what was apparently uncomplicated and occasionally solid gameplay. Although the reviews were decent, it didn't exactly light the sales charts on fire here in the U.S., but it had enough heat behind it in Japan to earn its own line of jeans.

[Source: Andriasang]

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