BioWare and Dark Horse Team For Mass Effect 3 In-Game Items!

Are you ready for more Mass Effect 3 in-game bonus items? I hope so because anyone who decides to pick up Dark Horse and BioWare's The Art of The Mass Effect Universe is going to receive a redemption code for what for the Mass Effect 3 “Reinforcement Pack” on PC and Xbox 360. Sorry Playstation 3 gamers, looks like you're out of luck.

So what does the Reinforcement Pack contain? Well apparently its offering up in-game items that can be used during the co-op campaign. More specifically, the Reinforcement pack will contain “powerful character boosters” and the lethal Collector Assault Rifle. The rifle is pretty much the same as the human assault rifle, but this bad boy has organic components that set it apart.

If the art book isn't catching you're eye, Dark Horse is giving Mass Effect fans another way to unlock these bonus items. The Mass Effect: Invasion mini-series available from the Dark Horse Digital store will also grant you the Reinforcement Pack's redemption code.

Sadly, this offer isn't going to stand much longer. While you still have plenty of time to redeem the code, the book(s) have to be purchased by March 21st. If you want a new assault rifle to show off to your co-op buddies you should probably act fast. Head over to for all the info and keep in mind the purchase has to be made through the website on your PC or Mac, not through the Dark Horse Digital app on iOS or Android.

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