Kickstarting: 'Wasteland 2' and a New Tactical Shooter From a Bungie Vet

The push for crowdsourcing among indie developers continue, this time with a proposed tactical shooter from former Bungie and Ubisoft designer Christian Allen as well as huge gains for the inExile Entertainment campaign for post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 2.

Cleanly over a million bucks: that's the total with 29 days to go for inExile's plan to get a sequel to the inspiration for Fallout, Wasteland. The original game designers for Wasteland, Alan Pavlish and Mike Stackpole are on board along with its producer, Brian Fargo, who acted as Executive Producer on Fallout (and founder of Interplay) as well. The concept art up above is by Andree Wallin, who's providing the look for the proposed new game.

The inExile team's plan is apparently to stick to the original's roots as closely as possible, going top-down, turn-based, and tactical with the action. Having already exceeded their $900k goal, inExile will put the game through six months of pre-production, followed by a full year of production for the PC. If they reach $1.5 million, the game will be coming to OS X and Linux.

No word on the game's story or any console plans at this point, although to the latter, the team says that beyond the $1.5 million goal, "the sky's the limit."

You can find more information on the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page.

But Kickstarter isn't just about bringing back beloved PC franchises, it's also about crowdsourcing games that gamers are frustrated about not existing. In this case, it's former Bungie and Ubisoft designer Chris Allen, who worked in the past on the Halo and Ghost Recon franchises. For Allen, the landscape of shooters are missing hardcore, tactical experiences, going for flashier, run and gun gameplay. Enter the evocatively-named Hardcore Tactical Shooter page, which has a goal of $200k, currently at a quarter of its goal.

This one might be a slightly harder sell since its not banking on an existing IP behind it and Allen might not be as widely-known a name as some of the longtime designers and game devs who've been making their way to Kickstarter. But obviously, at nearly $60 collected so far, there's an audience for this kind of game.

Hardcore Tactical Shooter will be coming to the PC, but according to Allen and his team at Serellan LLC, it'll follow the Torchlight model, and if the game has success on PCs, it might make its way to consoles down the line.

Thanks @vicdeleon for the tip on the Hardcore Tactical Shooter page.

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