'The Walking Dead' Stumble Over To Facebook In April!

We already know Telltale's The Walking Dead adaptation will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and PSN in a few months time, but it looks like there's another The Walking Dead game to look forward to. In collaboration with publisher RockYou and developer Eyes Wide Games, AMC is bringing The Walking Dead to Facebook.

While Telltale's game looks to Robert Kirkman's original graphic novels for canon, AMC's Facebook game will stick to what we've learned from the show. Players won;t be taking control of the show's stars but, they will make appearances in the game, along we've locales we've been introduced to on the small screen.

As far a gameplay goes, player's will have two main objectives. The first will be to locate and establish a base of operations and a zombie fighting force (your friends) and the second will be sending out squads to pick up supplies for your base while also fending off the zombie horde.

The game will use a turn-based combat system so any one can jump in, but things don't just stop happening in the game when you walk away from the keyboard. In order to prevent your post-apocalyptic base camp from crumbling you must recruit your friends for guard duty. The more friends you have keeping watch, the better your odds of surviving.

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