New Video Games For the Week Of 3/13: Doctors and Gangsters

Most of you are probably still playing Mass Effect 3 on your game machine of choice, but just in case you've finished it (or simply in need of a break from saving the known universe), a couple of smaller releases are out this week to tide you over.

Find out what you can be playing this week after the jump.

Title: Journey

Platform(s): PSN

Mood and atmosphere—Journey developer That Game Company have them. Their co-op adventure/exploration game is getting some flack for its brevity but by all accounts the time you will spend with this game involve some unique, non-verbal multiplayer hooks that might be driving the conversation far more than game length for this downloadable title.

Title: Doctor Who: Worlds In Time

Platform(s): PC

We played around with the MMO based on the Doctor Who franchise a couple of months back—I invite you to read my impressions and check out the F2P release when you have a chance. Since I previewed it back in December, developer Three Rings Design has passed along an update saying that the final release has new environments to go along with the ones I saw as well as guild play.

Title: Silent Hill: Downpour

Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360

Another tortured soul takes a trip to the decrepit town of Silent Hill. You'd think with the fog, decay, and poor radio reception people would stay away, but no. Konami's latest entry in the series has gone through a series of delays, some of them seemingly targeted to put us in a month with three Silent Hill releases, but Konami must know what they're doing and have to figure that fans of the series want a lot of Silent Hill all at once.

Title: Yakuza: Dead Souls

Platform(s): PS3

Sega's open-ish world successor to Shenmue has become an action horror game, eh? That's what's up with Dead Souls, which seems to drop most of the crime drama from previous entries for a straight-up

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