Sony's Music Unlimited Streaming Service Hits The Vita

With the Vita release, you can now store and play songs offline. More details after the jump.

The cloud-based music streaming service—which has been available up until this point on the PS3 and PSP—now joins the Vita's ever-expanding feature set as of yesterday. If you already have a subscription to Music Unlimited, your settings and playlists will all be available on your Vita when you fire up the application.

The new download function will allow you to grab 25 songs from the Music Unlimited channels to listen to offline, while if you have a playlist, you can download as much as will fit on your Vita's memory stick. Based on the pricing chart for Music Unlimited, the new feature seems to be available for only the $9.99 tier of the service which allows you to create playlists. However, if you've never used Music Unlimited before, there's sure to be a 30 or 60 day trial available to whet your appetite.

For more on the new features, Sony has put together a handy little walkthrough video for your viewing.

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