'Army Corps of Hell' (PS Vita) Gets Its First DLC - And It's Free

I have a review of Square Enix's infernal and bloody Pikmin-like on the way, but in the meantime, for those of you who've already picked up the game there's some new apparel available now for your demonic troops over in the PSN store.

After the jump, details on how to get the free Pumpkin apparel set and how to equip your malevolent tiny army.

Here's Square Enix's official rundown of the new DLC pack:

It’s the small things in life that make a difference. That’s why as a special treat for all our Army Corps of Hell fans out there, we’re giving away free download content, just for you. That’s right it will cost you zilch, nada, not a thing!

Head to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation Vita and treat yourself to some stylish pumpkin heads. They’re this season’s fashion for any aspiring King of Hell. Stand proud, overlord of pumpkin army, commanding the little minions to devour your opponents!

To download the Pumpkin Set follow these instructions:

  • Head to the PlayStation® Store on your PlayStation Vita
  • Select ‘PS VITA Add-Ons’
  • Select ‘Pumpkin Equipment Set for Army Corps of Hell’ and download it.
  • Boot up Army Corps of Hell
  • Start the game and select a stage
  • Select ‘Change Equipment’ on your Soldiers, Spearmen or Magi and select the new pumpkin inspired headwear.
  • You are now the proud owner of some pumpkin apparel. Enjoy and may your adversaries burn in hell!

Army Corps of Hell is available on a cart and via PSN for the PS Vita.

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