Skyrim Interactive Map App Available Now!

If you're one of the many still wandering around Tamriel you may want to check out the new Skyrim map app for iOS. Brought to us by Prima, the same folks who put together the official player's guide, the new app gives you a world map and 9 capital cities maps for free, while in-app purchases unlock the rest.

The app (which you can download here) will let you drop pins on different areas of the map and each one can be labeled with a note to remind why its there. It will also let you get a good look at a particular area by giving users the ability to zoom in 3200% - a necessary feature considering the ridiculous size of the Skyrim world.

While downloading the app itself is free, in-app purchases, which reveal things like marriage prospects, unique items, secondary locations, larceny targets and shrines, cost $0.99 each and there looks to be about 15 or more that can be unlocked. However, if you want to unlock everything in one shot you can pay $10 to do so, which would obviously save you a few bucks over purchasing each map item separately.

Sadly the app is only available for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad for the time being, but those of you using an Android device do have some alternative options available in the Android Market if you have the time to look around.

[Bethblog via Joystiq]

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