'Kingdoms of Amalur' Already Has a Sequel In Development

You know, typically we like to peg any statements about a new game as rumor, but when the guy who founded the developer—in this case, former baseball player-turned game development entrepreneur, Curt Schilling—goes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and replies to a pretty direct "Is this game getting a sequel" with a pretty direct "Oh yeah," well, you have to imagine that he might know of what he speaks.

This isn't, strictly speaking, a huge surprise, but it is a surprise to hear it just a week after the first game made its debut. But then, critical response has been generally really positive for the fantasy RPG (from this quarter as well, I might add), so one can imagine a situation where Schilling and hypothetical execs at at Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning's publisher EA discussed the prospects of a sequel, perhaps while chomping cigars and wearing cowboy hats and reflecting on the monies, oh the monies (the game did especially well in its first week in the U.K.).

I'm sure in the interim, we can expect DLC for KoA, which had a healthy five year-plus development cycle, and unless 38 Studios decides to reinvent the wheel, I'm guessing we'll see the sequel sooner rather than later.

[Source: GameSpot]

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