Non-Gaming Game News for the Week Ending February 10th

Catch up with The Darkness if you're playing the game (or even if you're not) and our friends at Merge Games (The Binding of Isaac) want to give you something.

Buy one of the last copies of the Shadows of the Damned OST before I do

Limited to 1000 copies on its release last year, the soundtrack by longtime Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is simply fantastic. Blending several different styles with a core flamenco theme (you know, on account of its lead character, Gabriel Hotspur Garcia), and it's just as eclectic and strange as the game, but a far better total package. There are a little under 300 copies left (probably more copies of the OST than of the under-marketed game currently in circulation), so you should grab one if you're willing to drop the $30 on it.

Here's the ad copy for the release which is on sale at e-tailer GHM:

Legendary composer Akira Yamaoka and Grasshopper Manufacture proudly announce the release of the Original Soundtrack to this year’s most outrageous game, Shadows of the Damned! This selection of songs from the universally praised score takes the listener on a journey to Hell and back with Yamaoka as the co-pilot. Indeed, Yamaoka's designed this soundtrack as a "sound movie" - an aural imagining of Garcia and Johnson's adventure into the world of the Damned.

“I wanted to craft a soundtrack that was more than just a collection of the most popular songs from Damned. I set out to create an experience that would take players back to the game, as if they were “watching” a movie,” Yamaoka explains.

The soundtrack features the hit theme to Shadows of the Damned Take Me To Hell (Broken Dream) featuring frequent collaborators Mary-Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker, and the ending theme Shadows of the Damned featuring legendary punk band The Damned. The soundtrack is limited to only 1000 pressings, making it a collector’s item. And as special bonus, Yamaoka signing ALL CDs sold to international customers as thanks (Japanese exchange rate and shipping fees overseas)

Play the game! Read the comic!

With 2K Games' The Darkness II hitting shelves this week, I'm kind of surprised that the book's publisher Image Comics hasn't gone all out with some kind of digital sales for the long-running series. Right now, most of the single issues are the usual $1.99 through ComiXology, with several trades running $7.99. Still, it might be worth your time to check the series out, maybe jumping in with the Origins trade with a script by Garth Ennis (guaranteeing it'll be some nasty stuff—blood and guts being in his particular wheelhouse).

Or, if you want to get really deep into the quasi-religious/supernatural/horror mythology of Image, you might want to check out the free 30-page intro issue of Artifacts. In either event, check out some comics, maybe buy a few on the cheap, if you're so inclined.

Kind of But Not Quite Gaming News Extra! Merge Games is giving away the fancy The Binding of Isaac Unholy Edition

We recently brought you the details of the retail version of The Binding of Isaac which is coming to stores (or you favorite e-tailer) with a special Unholy Edition. Merge Games, Isaac's publisher, are giving away a copy. This is their own deal, but if you'd like to win a copy, simply head over to their Facebook page and "Like" it, to earn a chance to ask Edmund Mcmillen, the game's creator a question. The best ten questions will be answered by McMillen and receive a copy of the game. So there's that.

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