Next 'Modern Warfare 3' DLC Drops For Xbox Elite Members Feb. 21st

Are you ready for more Modern Warfare 3 DLC? I hope you said yes because things are just getting started with the next content drop for premium Elite members playing on Xbox Live scheduled to land on February 21st with the release of a new map called Overwatch.

Overwatch puts player in the middle of a construction site to battle it out, the catch is this construction site just happens to be on the top of a New York City skyscraper. With no barriers around the perimeter of the map 70 story falls to the ground below are probably going to be pretty common. The map is laid out with two “near symmetrical” areas connected by a central bridge and side routes open to attack from all angles, so we'll have to be extra sneaky.

Overwatch is the third DLC drop in Modern Warfare 3’s Content Season. Elite Drops 4-6 will be available in March for premium members on Xbox and will include the multiplayer map Black Box and two new Special Ops Missions, Black Ice and Negotiator.

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