Beachhead Previews Call Of Duty Elite Clan Operations

While forming a clan with friends in Call of Duty Elite has been pretty easy since the premium service launched, gaining experience and rewards with that clan hasn't been easy at all so far. Thankfully, Beachhead is reassuring all of us that Clan Operations -- in which clans can compete for experience and actual prizes -- are on the way and should be available... someday.

Beachhead posted a preview of the upcoming Clan Ops interface over on the Elite forums that gives us a look at how the system will work. It details how we'll choose operations and what info we'll see regarding specific Ops – XP, enlistment status, start and end dates, etc. We'll also be able to take a gander at what rewards are being offered for the operations. In the example shown a CoD Elite skateboard is up for grabs.

All of the screens that were released are just previews of the testing process Beachhead is currently putting the system through, so some minor things could still change. Either way, its nice to get preview of things to come, but Beachhead still can't say exactly when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Clan Operations will be available.

When the announcement is made we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime head over to the Elite forums and take a peek at the full preview.

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