Gorgeous-Looking Mech Game 'Hawken' To Be Free-To-Play

Hawken is a multiplayer mech combat game built from the Unreal Engine by indie developer Adhesive Games. That screenshot looks nice, right? Wait until you see it in action. That's some great looking stuff there.

And Adhesive plans to give it away for free.

The indie developer is opening up its own publishing arm, Meteor, and releasing Hawken as a free-to-play game in December. At this time, Adhesive hasn't provided any details on what their business model for the game will be (i.e. in-game purchases, ads, etc.) but they are currently offering signups for their closed beta which has an interesting scheme where if you get enough referral signups, you can lock down your own spot on the beta.

I encourage you do go over there and do that.

The big question for me at this point, is what will the system specs be for this intricately designed game? It obviously looks like it pulls a lot of resources and, I can't stress this enough, it looks soo good. In any event, it's great that Hawken will come along to bring back the neglected mech combat genre given that franchises like Mech Warrior have seemingly gone pretty much dormant in the current console generation.

Hawken will be available on December 12th, and it's currently in closed beta.

[Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun]

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