'Family Guy Online' Announces Itself As The Next Big Thing In This Trailer

I was surprised and disappointed by the lack of fights with giant chickens.

Family Guy Online, in case you didn't know, is a thing that's about to happen soon-ish. The Roadhouse Interactive MMO has been in closed beta since last summer, but it's on its way to add another free-to-play title to the ever-increasing stack. So think of it as WoW, likely with more fart jokes and just to the line and sometimes over sex jokes. Your mileage on that front, may vary.

Had a good look? Great.

So from what we can see there, it's clearly more of a social thing than out out-and-out MMO thing, opting instead for more of a social experience with game things you can do. So WoW is less a point of reference and more Club Penguin but for a more adult crowd. If on release its bug-free and easy to access for the average user, I could see Family Guy Online being one of those titles that kind of sticks around for a good long time by sheer virtue of a weirdly committed fanbase. Family Guy is one of those shows that seldom provokes a middle-of-the-road reaction, and I suspect that anyone who's interested in playing a game based on the show will likely have as hard a time extricating themselves from the game as they have been from the long-running series.

Family Guy Online is still in closed beta. You can check it out at http://www.familyguyonline.com/.

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