Anecdotal Evidence In ISPR Study Links Gaming Addiction to Shooters, MMOs

A recent study by the New York-based Institute for Special Populations Research conducted through self-reporting among 3380 participants found that in around 5% of those interviewed, the respondents reported "moderate to extreme problem game playing." Keep in mind, this represents 1/20th of the population, and the results are again, based on self-reported results which could skew in either direction, but it's more ammunition for the argument that there is a persistent problem with gaming addiction.

Luther Elliott, Andrew Golub, Eloise Dunlap, and Geoffrey Ream led the study participants aged 18 and up who played games at least one hour in the week before the interview was conducted. The team grouped the types of games that the participants were playing into 15 distinct genres, finding that the incident of FPS, action-adventure, MMOs, online gambling and role-playing games had the highest incidents of behaviors associated with addictive/problem behavior.

While the American Psychiatric Association continues, at this point, to reject adding gaming addiction to its diagnostic manual of disorders, the DSM, I think many of us can easily point to someone in our lives who allow their gaming to run rampant in varying degrees of destructive ways. The documentary Second Skin from 2008 is one of those really effective pieces of anecdotal reporting that makes this point very articulately.

I keep returning to the word "anecdotal," though, because for the time being, there's no concrete evidence, no thoroughly controlled studies that we can point to in order to make a convincing case in either direction. So for the time being, this study represents some interesting observations, but it'll be more interesting still when someone is able to take a more focused look at the issue.

[Source: Game Politics]

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