'Kinect Star Wars' Pits Vader Against Chris

I can't think of any other villain in popular fiction who's been as thoroughly defanged as Darth Vader. He's kind of culturally become this cuddly monster in black, and he's an easy go-to character for random marketing that might not otherwise have much to do with the Star Wars brand (see here and here, and here for an interesting dissection of the latter). It's almost kind of jarring Vader is used in an ad for something and it makes sense.

In this case, it's for the upcoming Kinect Star Wars, which uses Parks and Recreations star Chris Pratt for a cute riff on being "inside" the Star Wars universe. Okay, it goes on a little longer than it maybe should, but the final beat sells the joke. Oh, and no, there's not a single sign of gameplay: Lucasarts knows dang well you're going to want to fake swing a lightsaber around and they are no at all worried about convincing you that this is something you'll want to do.

Kinect Star Wars will be out sometime later this year.

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