Meier, Inafune, and the 'League of Legends' Guys Join Lineup of GDC Speakers

A couple of legendary designers and the rising stars of the MMO field will drop some knowledge at GDC 2012

Announcing a series of updates to the lineup of developers and game industry professionals sharing their experience and giving talks at GDC '12, the inclusion of game development luminaries Sid Meier and Keiji Inafune make the event a must-attend if you care about the history of gaming or learning anything from the pros.

Meier is the brain behind Civilization, and he'll be heading a talk called "Interesting Decisions," guiding designers through ways developers can make decisions for gamers more interesting and rewarding. Elsewhere, Inafune, the co-creator of Mega Man who recently departed Capcom with some sharp words for the Japanese game industry will be delivering a talk on just that: in "The Future of Japanese Games," Inafune will discuss the challenges and opportunities for his country's game industry and ways that Japanese developers can look to history for inspiration and warnings. Finally, League of Legends lead producer Travis George will head up a talk called ""Evolving the MOBA Genre - The League of Legends: Dominion Postmortem," detailing what went right and what went wrong in the development and implementation of LoL's latest game mode.

GDC takes place between March 5th and 9th at San Francisco's Moscone Center. You can find additional information on the GDC site.

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