Autralia to Consider An 18+ Rating In February, Vote Expected

The Syndicate reboot is one of the high-profile titles that was recently banned under the current classification system

After a string of outright bans, Australia is considering a modification to its notorious classification system to allow mature games to be legally sold in their country.

Consider this some measure of progress after series of delays and a lot of talk: Australia is finally considering an R18+ rating for video games in February with an up or down vote expected that month as well. If enacted, the new rating would allow gamers 18 and up to play titles which would be classified in the U.S. and other regions as "mature," due to either violent or sexual content. To date, the Australian Classification Board has been responsible for providing ratings for video games and if they're deemed excessively violent under the existing system, they could simply be banned instead of restricted to older, presumably more mature players.

The bill is up for debate in the first Parliamentary session of the new year, scheduled for February 7th and its backers believe that it's on track for approval. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether the current film classification system will receive any kind of overhaul, given its own pesky track record of banning "objectionable" films.

[Source: Game Industry Biz (behind a pay wall) via Game Politics]

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