Enemies, Images, And New Details For 'Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock'

The upcoming SuperMassive Games release is surprisingly a sidescrolling platformer.

Over on the Playstation blog, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide Simon Harris has laid out some additional more information about a game that's taking a very unexpected shape. The bulk of the post is about how BBC Worldwide collaborated with SuperMassive Games in integrating the monsters from the series into Eternity Clock, and while no specifics about the gameplay itself are revealed, the newest trailer gives you more than enough of a sense of what's going on with this upcoming release.

Based on some of the information in the post, it's clear that Eternity Clock hasn't been in development too long—Harris says at one point that the game's designers required details about some of the creatures appearing in the most recent series, including the Silence (pictured at the top) who were introduced at the beginning of the 2011 series. Additional villains appearing the game will be the Cybermen, the Daleks, and the Silurians.

Finally, Harris provides an interesting behind-the-scenes anecdote about the monster design for the game, explaining that during the process of the BBC slowly providing details about the enemies for reference for SuperMassive, the British broadcasters were so impressed with the developer's designs that in some cases, they allowed the SuperMassive designs to supersede some of the ones from the show. In any event, the post makes it sound like the BBC is very confident in SuperMassive and their efforts on the game.

[Source: Playstation Blog]

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