ESRB Ratings Hint at 'GTA III' and 'Vice City' For the PS3

What I want to know is where is the Manhunt rerelease?

You know the drill: a publisher quietly submits a rating for something and the next thing you know, it's almost certain that we'll be hearing an announcement about said title soon. And while Rockstar currently isn't saying anything about GTA III or (to my mind) the pinnacle of the series, GTA: Vice City, both games have nonetheless shown up on the ratings site for the PS3. No other platforms have been listed, possibly indicating that both games may be—for a time, at least—exclusives to only one current-gen console. What's unclear at this point is if these will simply be ports of the existing games or HD remakes, as well as whether they will include all of the PS3-specific bells and whistles like trophies, etc..

Also, not to wander too far afield, but I'm not kidding at all about Manhunt—possibly one of the most intensely strange releases to my mind, it seemed to at once be a validation of all of the scare stories about violence in games while pushing them to such a grotesque, heavy breathing extreme at the same time. So of course, I think it deserves to be revisited.

[Source: Gamespot]

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