'Call of Duty ELITE's' New Trailer: 'Join Up, Soldier'

Comedian Rob Riggle has something to say about the definition of "elite" in this trailer for the Modern Warfare 3 app and DLC subscription program.

If you were unsure about the function or benefits of Call of Duty: ELITE, then this trailer explains it to you—albeit pretty bombastically and with a lot more uses of the word "noob" than I'm really comfortable with. Still, if you're a fan of comedian and actor Rob Riggle (Step Brothers, The Other Guys), you might get a kick out of this, as he's pretty much got the Internet tough guy swagger down to tell you that you can subscribe to ELITE, save yourself some money, and get some maps early over the nine-month season of DLC being rolled out by Activision and Infinity Ward.

The app itself was developed by Beachhead Studios, based out of Santa Monica.

If you're one of those ELITE members, you can snag the first two maps early on January 24th.

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