The Online Effort To Keep the Real-life Flynn's Arcade From 'Tron' From (Possibly) Closing

An online effort is underway to keep the Disney's California Adventure exhibit and standing homage to TRON open.

Is Flynn's Arcade getting shut down? I can't find any direct evidence so far that it is, but a petition sponsored by the group "Flynn Lives" would like to make sure that it sticks around in its California location.

Their message:

We the undersigned would like the oppurtunity [sic] to have you hear our plea to keep Flynn's Arcade open. Flynn's is a place for families to come together and play the arcade games that everyone loves and also get a piece of Tron history. Tron has become a favorite in the hearts of young and old and should be a pemanant fixture inside California Adventure.

The site is home to a pretty sizable collection of classic arcade cabinets, including, of course, Tron, as well as a working cabinet for the faux-classic game Space Paranoids which originated in the first movie and didn't actually exist in the real world until the pre-release of 2010's Tron: Legacy.

Again, I've searched for information that the exhibit is closing, but have been unable to find any. Still, the group behind the petition is motivated and if you're interested in supporting their cause such as it is, then by all means, you should sign.

Thanks for the tip, @Peacemaker2013.

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