Capcom Seems to Be Teasing 'Resident Evil 6' With Viral Campaign

Viral web campaigns, just to be clear. I mean, what kind of game company would release a fatal virus to promote a game?

Note to any exuberant marketing person in the year 2014: do not do this. It's crazytown and a bad idea and would also eat into your user base.

Anyway, some of you who've been wondering what's going on with the enigmatic No Hope Left site, which has for the last week been releasing tightly-shot images of damaged or defaced locations with "No Hope Left" graffiti and an unexplained logo. The whole thing was kicked off by this Chinese-language video and was followed up by maps, and more pictures, the repetition of the January 19th date, and very little in the way of explanation as these viral things tend to go. But there was still no real proof that this had anything to do with... well, anything.

Enter The Sixth Axis, where contributor Tuffcub recognized one of the London-based locations and visited it. While he was unable to find any copyright information on what was actually a well-distressed billboard, he was able to find the name of the company, Primsight, that sells the ad space. With a little follow-up, he was subsequently able to learn that the ad was purchased by Capcom.

With a voice actress listing a role as a "Chinese villager" in the still unofficially-announced RE: 6, we all started speculating that the next numbered game in the series would be set in Asia and if this ad is indeed tied to Resident Evil 6 (who knows, it could very randomly be some Dead Rising thing*), then the No Hope Left would certainly lend credence to that.

We'll certainly know more when tomorrow rolls around, though.

*Unlikely, I'm certainly just being a jerk here.

[Source: The Sixth Axis]

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