'Mass Effect 3' Demo Coming February 14th

Depending on who you're with, this might either make or break your Valentine's Day.

If you're a Mass Effect fan in a relationship, the release of the third game in the series' demo might be a great barometer for where things stand with your significant other (as well as, of course, a nice chance to mess around with Bioware's latest and decide for yourself whether it's worth all of the anticipation). Or you might just have a solid game-life balance and this kind of thing doesn't mean anything at all. I do think Mass Effect is a nice gateway series for someone not especially into video games but might be into sci-fi and space opera. On the flipside, if you know someone for whom these things are not, strictly speaking, relevant to their interests, then the series represents such a concentrated showing of those elements that for them, all things Mass Effect are likely to be off-putting (I've seen this in practice in my own home and it's not pretty).

Check out our demo of Mass Effect 3 from 2012 International CES before you can get your mitts on this sucker!

Mass Effect 3 will be available on March 6th for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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