CES 2012: We Chat With Hyperkin About Game Genie, SupaBoy And More

Hyperkin was at CES 2012 showing off a bunch of their new gaming accessories, including the recently released SupaBoy portable Super Nintendo console and their new Game Genie cheat systems. We decided it would be a good idea to stop and chat with them about what products we should expect from them this year.

First up was the Game Genie. In a blast from the past Hyperkin is reviving the classic cheat device and they plan on launching it for just about every console except Xbox 360. The Nintendo 3DS/DS version is already available from retailers like Amazon.com and you can find details on the rest in the video below.

Awhile back we talked about Supaboy and while we were at the show we got little hands-on time with the retro gaming rig. It works great and the screen, though a little smaller than I'd prefer, was bright and crystal clear. The only real downside is the system itself was very light, almost felt hollow and didn't like it would be hard to break. See it in action and get all the details below.

Other products that caught our eye were the Retron3 console that will play our dusty old NES, SNES and Sega Genesis games, and the AK Striker, which Hyperkin says is there attempt to give Playstation Move gamers a more realistic feeling weapon.

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