CES 2012: Nintendo Breaks Out Wii U To Show Us Zelda HD, Chase Mii and Panorama View

Nintendo's new Wii U console won't be taking over our TV screens until the second half of this year, but at CES 2012 we got to check out the upcoming system during an up close and personal hands-on demo. They pretty much showed all of the same stuff that was demoed at E3 where the console was revealed. However, this time around we shot some video so everyone can get in on the action.

To get things started Nintendo gave us a quick overview of the new controller and why it makes Wii U such a unique and versatile console. No other gaming system has been able to do what Wii U will do and every time we see it our anticipation builds.

Next up was an awesome Wii U game called Chase Mii. In it one person holds the Wii U tablet controller while up to four other players (yep, that's 5 people playing at once) use the standard WiiMotes we're all so familiar with. The object of the game is to chase down the person using the Wii U controller in a hide-and-seek style game, but there's a catch. The person with the Wii U controller gets a 15 second head start to go hide and they're given a map that shows where all the other players are at. Its a great way to show off the Wii U's potential for unique games and although its only a tech demo, we're all really hoping it sees the light of day when Wii U is released.

After that we were introduced to a demo called Panorama View. This showed a rolling video on the TV that took us down the streets of Japan. It was just a straight shot on the screen, but using the Wii U controller we're able to virtually spin around 360 degrees and scope out the surrounding area. The possibilities for something like this are seemingly endless. Imagine playing a game like Battlefield where one of the players is driving a truck on the TV while the someone control a roof-mounted turret to defend the vehicle from all sides. You can get a better idea for how it works in the video below.

Finally it was time for a little Zelda HD action. It's the same tech demo we got at E3 last year, but it still has us clamoring for an actual game with these graphics and features. The coolest part is how the TV screen is completely HUD-less. Hearts, items and the mini-map all show up on the Wii U controller and it all looks absolutely gorgeous.

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