What's Capcom Got Up Their Sleeves for the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter?

Capcom teases an "international celebration" and "related products" for the longest running fighting game franchise around.

Did you know that the 25th anniversary is usually commemorated with silver? I'm not saying we all should chip in for some kind of elaborate and completely impractical silver Zangief bust to travel throughout the world's major cities over the next year, but I think there's got to be something good, creative, and strange to celebrate a quarter century of Ken and Ryu punching each other in the face. For you date obsessives out there, the actual release date of the first Street Fighter game was August 30th, 1987.

Over on the Capcom-Unity blog, the developer promises something is on the way this year, but at this point they're keeping pretty mum about what that something is. At this point, I think we've got HD remakes of all of the Street Fighter games anyone would want to play (unless there's some very dedicated audience for the original out there), so I'm guessing that's not in the cards, and I figure as much care and time as they put in between Street Fighter III and IV, it's unlikely we'll hear about another numbered entry in series anytime soon.

We'll keep our ears to the ground and let you know when we find out more.

[Source: Capcom-Unity blog via Siliconera]

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