This 'Army Corps of Hell' Video Makes Infernal War Seem Metal

Warning: don't be misled by the Playstation Vita game, war in Hell is probably a big bummer.

Looking like a spiritual successor to Overlord—which was itself sort of "Pikmin with goblins"—Army Corps of Hell will be one of the titles released during the launch window for the Playstation Vita hardware. The Entersphere-developed title is being published by Square Enix, and the latest trailer shows off some of the customization options available in the upcoming strategy action game where you appear to command your deadly little humunculi to kill for you on the devil's battlefield. The game's description (taken from IGN) reads like a bunch of crazy talk, though: "A bloodmoon shall rise over battlefields of endless warfare and ritualistic sacrifice when this hellish action game of regimented slaughter invades the PS Vita!"

Army Corps of Hell will be available on the Playstation Vita in the United States on February 22nd.

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