'Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3' Gets The 'Brawler' Costume Back

Costumes for characters with muscles.

If you're the type of person into dressing up your fighting game characters in nifty canonical/alternate continuity costumes (and you can count me among those ranks), then Capcom would like to offer you some video game people clothes for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and their recently-released "Brawler" pack. This is the third costume pack for the game, and like the "Evil Twin" and "Rising Dead" packs will run you 320 MS Points or $4.99 on PSN.

So who's getting a makeover? On the Marvel side, we've got She Hulk donning the sharp business suit of her day job as a lawyer along with Iron Fist sporting his costume from Marvel's Ultimate universe continuity. On Capcom's side, Haggar—excuse me, Mayor Haggar is copping his look from Final Fight 3 while Bionic Commando Rad Spencer gets his original, non-dreadlocked look. Sadly, it's not his BC2 look where he sported a totally sweet 'stache.

Check out what you're money's gonna get ya if you're gonna get it.

She Hulk


Iron Fist

Bionic Commando/Rad Spencer

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Rocket Raccoon Vignette

[Source: CapcomUnity blog]

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