These Mad Catz 'Street Fighter x Tekken' Fight Sticks Look Sweet, Expensive

Look at those things—they've got weight to 'em.

The image above features accessory maker Mad Catz's Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S., which will be launching alongside a couple of other SFxT fighting peripherals during the game's March 6th release window. The Arcade model will set you back $199.99 and is available for preorder. The way these sticks are designed, if you are so inclined, you can hook two of them up using an optional connector to mimic the side-by-side arcade experience of jostling elbows with another player.

If your wallet can't take that kind of hit (or you simply want something more lap friendly), then there's the PRO model, which retails for $40 less (that's it, pictured below).

Finally, for the gamepad-inclined, Mad Catz has you in mind too with their new fightpad which, according to the press release, boasts "a 15% smaller chassis than previous FightPad designs, inspired by the gaming preferences of legendary Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono." I recall the Street Fighter IV fightpads Mad Catz released being pretty nice and responsive, although I wasn't a huge fan of the slick, glossy finish. If you're into the fightpads, they'll set you back around $40.

Mad Catz's Street Fighter X Tekken controllers are expected to launch on March 6th alongside the game.

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Trailer

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