'Zombie Wars' For the iPad Is Your Latest 'Putting You In the App/Game' Thing

And so we get ever-closer to a reality where our faces are grafted onto things. Things in games, things on the Internet, things in soups (someone's out there working on that one, I'm sure). Which is all just a rambling, possibly sleep-deprived way of saying facial animation tech company Image Metrics has Zombie Wars on the way to the iOS App Store. Essentially, the app lets you scan your face and drop it into the Zombie Wars comic.

Here's the official synopsis:

In Zombie Wars, users can cast themselves and friends in a witty tale of medical science gone awry, as one of three characters - the evil Dr. Reinhart, journalist Adrian Cooper, or a criminal turned zombie. By uploading or snapping a picture with the iPad 2's front-facing camera and using the PortableYou processing system, Zombie Wars transforms regular photos into stylized images of user's faces consistent with the comic artwork.

If I'm being completely honest, that's not really the part to be all that much excited about. What is interesting is the facial scanning tech from Image Metrics and their PortableYou platform which "provides end-users with the ability to instantly generate customizable 3D avatars from facial photos." From the sound of the press release, the Image Metrics tech allow them to wrap users' faces around 3D body meshes. Nothing super new, but interesting that it's being pushed out there as a consumer product. It would be interesting if this kind of thing made its way into sports titles via their create-a-character mode for mobile devices, and any number of uses I'm sure I'm missing.

You can check out images of Zombie Wars below and it's available now in the App Store for the iPad.

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