CES 2012: ION Reveals iCade Core And iCade Mobile

The iCade may have began life as a simple April Fool's joke, but the fictional product became a reality pretty quickly. Now, ION has revealed a more compact version of the popular iPad accessory and delivered the new iCade Mobile for iPhone and iPod gamers.

iCade Core turns the miniature arcade cabinet that the original iCade is and shrinks it down a little bit while adding support for landscape mode. All the same controls are present - joystick and eight arcade buttons - along with Bluetooth connectivity and a pass-through charging cable. Sadly there's no pricing for the iCade Core, but ION says will be able to grab one later this year.

The second addition to the iCade family is the new iCade Mobile. It too uses Bluetooth to connect either iPhone or iPod Touch and sets us up with four shoulder buttons, a classic d-pad and four action buttons. You can swivel your iDevice while its docked in the iCade Mobile. This one will land sometime is the Q2 and will set you back about $100.

Last but not least is the iCade Jr. This is basically the same as the original iCade except its built to hold an iPhone or iPod Touch. The smaller size loses a few buttons, bringing the total to four instead of eight, but the joystick is thankfully still intact. ION unfortunately hasn't released a price for this little guy yet either.

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