60beat GamePad Works With iPhone and iPad

Anyone looking for a classic gamepad compatible with their iPhone or iPad may want to check out this new gadget from 60Beat. It plugs right into your iDevice’s headphone jack and provides the physical controls a lot mobile gamers have been begging for.

The 60Beat gamepad provides dual analog joysticks, shoulder buttons, a classic d-pad and 4 action buttons. It’s compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S, all iPads and the 4th generation iPod Touch. To use the gamepad all you have to do is plug it in your iDevice and watch the on-screen controls disappear, which is demonstrated in the video below.

It looks like it works pretty flawlessly from what we’ve seen, however, there are only two games currently compatible with the gamepad -- Bugdom 2 and Aftermath -- and it will cost you about $50. The upside is that it doesn’t require any batteries, running solely off the power provided through the headphone jack. Also, more compatible games are scheduled for release in February 2012. See the 60beat GamePad in action below…

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