'Myst' Is Heading To Nintendo 3DS In March

Maximum Family Games has announced that Myst 3D is going to be making its way to Nintendo's 3DS handheld in March of 2012. The new portable Myst 3D will obviously come with an upgrade to the visuals and Hoplite Research has also added the Rime age, which wasn't included with the original PC version.

"Myst is expected to be a big hit with Nintendo 3DS players," said Len Ciciretto, President of MFG. "It takes everything we all know and love about the Myst series and gives it a 3D facelift."

Just as before the game opens with the book of Myst having just been finished and the player being transported to the world described.  From there the wandering begins across six worlds, including the new Rime Age.

"The original Myst for PC systems was a groundbreaking game that brought the fantasy-adventure genre to mainstream casual gaming," said Ciciretto. "The new Myst honors that history by reintroducing this well-known franchise to younger generations."

We'll be able to get our hands on Myst 3D for Nintendo 3DS on March 27, 2012


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