Square Enix's 'Hitman: Profession' Trademarked

The publisher registers the new title in Europe—could another Hitman game already be in development?

Over the weekend, Siliconera unearthed a European trademark from Square Enix Europe for something called "Hitman: Profession," pointing to the possibility that in 2012 we might be getting more of Agent 47 than just Hitman: Absolution. While that title still doesn't have an official release date, Square Enix Montréal is currently working on another Hitman game. With concurrent development situations like this, you're usually looking at a handheld port or DLC—is that what we're seeing here?

If you'll recall, it's been five years since the Eidos franchise was last seen on consoles and the stealth action franchise ain't what it was back then: the Splinter Cell: Conviction saw that series make a turn towards more of an action-oriented focus while the other notable stealth series, Metal Gear Solid, has shifted its focus to big setpieces in its most recent incarnations.The question now is how will Eidos/Square respond to the changes in the genre, or will Hitman simply retain the methodical feel of previous entries in the series?

Hitman: Absolution is coming to the 360, PS3, and PC sometime in 2012.

[Source: Siliconera]

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